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I’ve published a portfolio of software UI components! Some come from past work, others are based on ideas that previously only existed in my head.

The code is open for your perusal. The sample site has documentation and actual working examples to play with.

What are components?

Some of you may already know, components are building blocks for larger products. The best components are ubiquitous and straightforward. They save you time because you don’t have to worry about smaller details like building a wall, allowing you to focus on the big-picture art project that is constructing the entire house.

Components give you a starting point. I know I want to build a fancy shower for my bathroom with nine massaging jets to spray therapeutic mineral water from every conceivable angle, walls tiled floor to ceiling with exotic marble infused with essential oils backed by heating coils that maintain a comfy state of euphoria throughout the practically automated artificially intelligent bathing process. But, I can start with a basic pre-built shower — something with three walls, a faucet, and a drain — and embellish it to my heart’s content.


Ideas die in darkness. My brain is the closet under the stairs no one else visits. When you were a kid you were afraid to open the door because you thought a monster would jump out and grab you. Either that or you’d suffocate and die from the sudden outpouring of thick dust chemically altering any breathable air around you.

Since my natural tendency is to sock away ideas in this feared location, I forget about them. I’ve had many ideas, some fascinating and some cringy, but most were shoved in this closet never to see the light of day.

Ideas thrive and multiply in light. Opening the door and letting my ideas enjoy a breath of fresh air allows them to freely procreate with other ideas. Other people are free to consume, criticize, and improve upon what I’ve built.

First, A Table

The first component I’ve created is a table. Tables are vehicles for displaying rows of data. That’s it. Unfortunately, they tend to become complicated, scope-creeping monsters that no one can use without referring to a dry, wordy help document or watching a corporate 1990s-themed YouTube video that only makes you wish you were a young Gen Zer with no actual recollection of the 90s.

My table is simple, straight-forward, and intuitive. While simplicity is the focus, there are enough features available to create powerful spreadsheet-like grids that let you edit, search, filter, and sort your brains out.

What’s next?

I plan to sift through past work and add more components in the near term. Some ideas include obvious navigation, creative tabs, and fanciful data visualizations. Stay tuned!


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