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Change of Plans

Brandon Eleuterio
Ducks in a row
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I’m a planner at heart. I don’t do well when plans change. I like to have all my ducks in a row when I’m traveling and if just one of those ducks swims away, I panic. On the outside, I appear calm, but on the inside, my mind starts racing, trying to do everything I can to reign in my ducks.

20 minutes to the airport, something makes me double-check my pockets to verify I have my critical items: phone? check. wallet? check. passport? um…passport? It’s not in my back pockets or my shirt pocket. I distinctly remember placing it in my shirt pocket. Flim-flam! It must have fallen out in the garage when I bent over to grab my shoes. It’s probably sitting perfectly propped against the back wall of the garage, open to my half-smiling picture, so proud of itself for escaping my clutches and causing a ruckus.

My immediate reaction is to fix the problem. Can we turn around, drive back home, pick up the passport, and still make it back to the airport in time? I do a quick calculation in my head. Nope. I call the airline. The next flight is a redeye leaving in 15 hours. Guess we’ll take it.

The original plan was to drop the car off at the airport so my brother-in-law, Tyler, could pick it up later and drive himself back to our place to dog-sit Hank. With the passport fumble, we were now going to pick him up. But his flight doesn’t land for three hours. Should we hang out until then or make the hour-long drive back home, wait an hour, then drive back up to the airport? Not an easy question, especially on a 20-degree day in a town where indoor dining has been banned. Strange that we’re permitted to leave the country, but told to avoid sipping coffee inside our favorite local deli, but I digress.

We decide to make the 45-minute drive back home. Of course, this means two and a half trips to the airport in one day. It also means hopping on the phone to reschedule the hotel and airport shuttle. Not ideal, but when life gives you broken eggs, you fry ’em and eat ’em.

With my ducks back in line, I feel a renewed positivity. We decide to enjoy the bonus time with Tyler and Hank we’ve been gifted. Mexico will be waiting for us tomorrow morning.


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