Brandon Eleuterio

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Fourth-Party Banking

Most people these days log into their bank’s website to view balances and transactions. The bank gives you a key – your username and password – to access your account. This is fairly secure because only two parties know about the keys – you and your bank. But, what if you have accounts at multiple […]

Working Harder at Working Smarter

I remember my first encounter with PHP. It was the winter of 2000 and I was living in an apartment at Humboldt State University. I had a job as a web designer for a company called Skye Computer Services — a small boutique webshop hiring kids like me to build marketing sites for small businesses. […]

Laid Off

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from my employer. I heard something like, “Your services are no longer needed.” To which I casually replied, “Okay, I understand.” It was my first forced exit. In the past, I’d strategically quit. Always as part of some well-orchestrated plan to do bigger and better things. This […]

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