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Good Times With My Dad

Today my Dad turns 80. I’m lucky to have had him as my Dad for nearly 42 of those years. Here are just a handful of the good times we’ve had together: Long Drives to and from Gymnastics Practice Somehow at around age ten, I became good enough at gymnastics to join an advanced class […]

Low Altitude Training

Tucson Mountain Park Run

Living in Colorado at 7,000 feet my body has become accustomed to operating at high altitudes. Recently, I took the bold step of moving down to Tucson, Arizona at around 2,400 feet, for a month. This was the longest period I’ve spent at low altitude since moving to Colorado 15 years ago and I noticed […]

Butter Your Waffles

Waffles and Butter

The latest Tim Ferriss interview with Jim Collins prompted me to reflect on 2020. We’ve been living through a pandemic since March and with the volume button on the box of fear stuck at “max” for nearly a year, you can’t help but feel the cool breath of death on the back of your neck. […]

Change of Plans

Ducks in a row

I’m a planner at heart. I don’t do well when plans change. I like to have all my ducks in a row when I’m traveling and if just one of those ducks swims away, I panic. On the outside, I appear calm, but on the inside, my mind starts racing, trying to do everything I […]

Show Your Work

Lego bricks

I’ve published a portfolio of software UI components! Some come from past work, others are based on ideas that previously only existed in my head. The code is open for your perusal. The sample site has documentation and actual working examples to play with. What are components? Some of you may already know, components are […]

Perfectionism is the Enemy of Quality

Perfection is Stagnation

When building something for others, whether that something is software, a book, or some other craft, and whether you are an individual, a start-up, or a large company, revealing your work to the world can be scary. What will my audience think? Will my work be rejected and, by extension, will I be rejected? Will […]

Time-boxed Running

running watch

Weekly mileage seems like the consensus litmus test for fitness in the running community. Runners often proclaim, “I’m going on a 5 mile run today” or “this week I ran 30 miles.” I used to have this same mindset, using distance to track and communicate fitness to others. A few months ago, I began tracking […]

Junk Mail Opt-Out

No Junk Mail

What if I told you there was a program where strangers pay an army of men to make daily deliveries of trash to your house?  Where do I sign up, right?  There’s no need.  As a citizen of America, you are automatically enrolled!  Every day except Sunday a person in uniform will drive by in […]

Overtraining Syndrome?


I’ve been doing MAF training since February and more recently slow jogging as I continue to rehab from my torn plantar plate injury. Since I began slow jogging about a month ago, my runs have become more enjoyable. Last week was my best so far, running PB paces while staying in my target heart rate […]

My Longevity Approach…so Far

Falling Off a Cliff

There are two aspects to longevity, lifespan and healthspan. Lifespan is how long you live, healthspan is how long you remain healthy. I feel the latter outweighs the former. My longevity goal is to fall off the proverbial cliff – continue to walk, run, and lift heavy things as close to death as possible. To […]

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