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Lifestyle Cost Per Hour

How much does your lifestyle cost per hour? To find out… Open your credit card or bank statement for last month and enter the total amount you spent. Enter the number of hours you work in a week. If you’re salaried or own your own business, enter the number of hours you actually spend working. […]

The Hidden Cost of Owning Lots of Stuff

A year ago, my wife and I embarked on a journey to downsize our lives. We put money down on a house half the size of our house at the time. In order to make the move, we stopped owning most of our stuff. How did we do it? We realized the four hidden costs […]

Fourth-Party Banking

Most people these days log into their bank’s website to view balances and transactions. The bank gives you a key – your username and password – to access your account. This is fairly secure because only two parties know about the keys – you and your bank. But, what if you have accounts at multiple […]

Working Harder at Working Smarter

I remember my first encounter with PHP. It was the winter of 2000 and I was living in an apartment at Humboldt State University. I had a job as a web designer for a company called Skye Computer Services — a small boutique webshop hiring kids like me to build marketing sites for small businesses. […]

Laid Off

Two weeks ago, I received a phone call from my employer. I heard something like, “Your services are no longer needed.” To which I casually replied, “Okay, I understand.” It was my first forced exit. In the past, I’d strategically quit. Always as part of some well-orchestrated plan to do bigger and better things. This […]

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