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Measuring Progress Over the Long Term

long run

As I’ve aged, I’ve come to realize fitness is a life-long journey. Like saving for retirement, you build fitness by making small, consistent, low-risk deposits over the course of many years. Trying to kill yourself on the trail (or in the gym or at the office) day-in and day-out is a high-risk, short-sighted endeavor that […]

Low Altitude Training

Tucson Mountain Park Run

Living in Colorado at 7,000 feet my body has become accustomed to operating at high altitudes. Recently, I took the bold step of moving down to Tucson, Arizona at around 2,400 feet, for a month. This was the longest period I’ve spent at low altitude since moving to Colorado 15 years ago and I noticed […]

Time-boxed Running

running watch

Weekly mileage seems like the consensus litmus test for fitness in the running community. Runners often proclaim, “I’m going on a 5 mile run today” or “this week I ran 30 miles.” I used to have this same mindset, using distance to track and communicate fitness to others. A few months ago, I began tracking […]

Overtraining Syndrome?


I’ve been doing MAF training since February and more recently slow jogging as I continue to rehab from my torn plantar plate injury. Since I began slow jogging about a month ago, my runs have become more enjoyable. Last week was my best so far, running PB paces while staying in my target heart rate […]

Heart Rate Training

Lately, I’ve been inspired to embark on a new run training program based on a counterintuitive principle – long slow runs, make you faster with less injury. The idea is to slowly build your aerobic base while mostly avoiding anaerobic speed work. To follow this program, you find your target heart rate (which will be […]

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