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Brandon Eleuterio

Today someone asked, “What kind of music do you like?”

Such a small-talk question typically elicits a snappy reply. Jazz, Rock, EDM; so many music genre choices! Maybe you were jamming out last time you went for a drive. Just toss out the name of that song and move on, right? It’s not so simple for me.

Send a slow pitch query down the middle and I may not swing right away. I have to fully process what you’re asking. I repeat the question in my head, sloshing it around like I’m evaluating a glass of fine wine. Do I detect any notes of sarcasm, controversy, or bitterness?

Once the question passes my initial screening, I begin to formulate an answer. However, I don’t usually have a cache of answers from which to draw – I have to conjure up some candidates. The self-talk ensues: “What was I listening to last? Do I want this person to know I like Rock? I really do like a lot of different genres…I should really narrow it down…”

If my hamster wheel is especially squeaky, I might buy time by restating the question, “What kind of music do I like?” Or by flinging back a flippant response, “I like lots of music.” If I’m especially caught off-guard, I’ll hem and haw, or simply remain silent.

“Will I say something I shouldn’t? Will I sound cool?” I must procure and polish the perfect response that will someday reside in the trophy case of legendary favorite music answers.

From my perspective, this whole process lasts a split second. In reality, a few seconds will pass and it appears as though I’ve wandered off. Please, be patient. I’ll be back soon.

Okay, I’m ready. “Vampire Weekend!”



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